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Media professional with more than 10 years of digital and broadcast experience



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Faraz has created, produced, and anchored hundreds of hours of programming that have reached audiences of up to 300 million covering genres from daily news bulletins, to lifestyle to entertainment. Faraz has also played a key role in launching new international television networks and building production teams thanks to his creative talents that are built on a foundation of diverse media experience:

In the role of a broadcast journalist, Faraz is part of the Emirates News anchor and producer team, and during the pandemic, he played an active role in keeping the UAE community informed of the latest developments from safety measures to all the latest developments around COVID-19 vaccines. Faraz also took to the streets to dig up human stories that were impacted the most by the crisis and reported from the ground, breaking news, government initiatives, and various lock down protocols.
Pre-covid, Faraz hosted entertainment and fitness shows both online and on national radio stations. He has interviewed hundreds of ‘A-list’ celebrities, such as Ben Stiller, Eva Longoria, A R Rahman, Priyanka Chopra, Shahrukh Khan, and Salman Khan among others, and has also covered many red carpets and movie premieres.

In New York and the Middle East, Faraz has produced shows for companies such as MTV, Viacom, and Dubai Media Inc. Faraz has also produced several live shows for the networks, such as covering the Oscars and Golden Globes, among others.

Online, Faraz continues to create content for various social media platforms. What's more, Faraz has thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.



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